Tea in general is a good beverage to incorporate into your diet as part of your weight loss efforts. Of course, some teas are more beneficial than others thanks to specific ingredients. Furthermore, it is possible to make your tea just as unhealthy as other bad beverages if you choose to open up that bag of sugar and pour freely. You don’t have to drink unsweetened tea, but you do have to watch. You can worry about the sweetener later though. Let’s get to looking at some of the best weight loss teas.

Everyone has heard of green tea. In fact, many people that don’t know much about teas for weight loss still know about the benefits of green tea. There is much more to learn though than just the basic benefits. It could certainly be argued that green tea is the best of the bunch when it comes to weight loss teas. There are good reasons for that, too, and we will get to some of them.

First, let’s get you introduced to some of the other choices you have. You will want to drink more than one kind of tea anyway, and so now you will have more of them to try. For example, there is oolong tea, a Chinese tea that is known for its weight loss benefits and also for being made a certain way. For your sake, you don’t have to make oolong tea the traditional way, which you would appreciate.

If you have the time to chop up tea leaves and all, that’s great. However, most people are looking for quick fixes these days. There are different varieties of oolong teas out there, and it is interesting to note that these teas are also known as dark green teas. That’s really interesting when trying to differentiate between green tea and oolong tea.

White tea is another choice that you have. Then there is pu’er tea, too. There are other choices, and of course as mentioned, regular tea, without too much sugar, is a good weight loss beverage in general. While there are other choices, the four that have been brought up are the main ones that people drink for the weight loss benefits. So which one is the best?

It is going to be difficult to top green tea. In fact, experts say you don’t even have to drink too much of it to get the benefits. The recommendation is that you consume approximately two and a half cups daily. This leaves room for other healthy beverages and even other teas you might want to try.

You might already know that black tea is the most popular tea. It’s the same old stuff that everyone drinks all the time, so no one gets excited about it. Make no mistake though, black tea is also good for you. If you want to go with the king of weight loss teas though, green tea is the one. There are different varieties, too, so make sure you pick up one with all the extra nutrients and antioxidants.